Why Aren’t Businesses Swapping to VoIP?

For most people, though switching completely to a wireless system like VoIP would make total sense, the idea scares them. There can be a few reasons for this, of course. One of them is the overall security of the VoIP system. It’s true. A landline remains one of the most secure methods of communication. However, businesses have to remember that security isn’t the only ball in the playing field. Is security the only reason you keep your landline?


What About Security?

Yes, landlines are a very secure way of transferring information and communicating, but there are still tons of ways for someone to hack into a phone call. Whether it be with special equipment, listening in by tapping into the phone line or by eavesdropping through an extension, landlines aren’t that much safer than VoIP. And when you take the proper precaution, VoIP can be pretty much as safe as anything can be on the internet.


Compromised Call Quality?

Some business owners are afraid to swap to VoIP for fear the call quality won’t be as good as that which is provided through a tried and true landline. Whether they fear echo, lag or constantly dropping calls, most business owners wait much too long to modernize their company and swap to VoIP and end up regretting it later. VoIP is significantly cheaper than traditional phone service and significantly easier to set up and maintain. Especially for businesses.


A New Generation

Our lives full of cable TV and VHS players have come to a close and with it the hang-up of the traditional landline phone. The technological advancements of our modern era have brought us VoIP and other forms of communication that are making landlines a thing of the past as businesses come to realize all of the vast benefits of making a complete switch to VoIP technology. Who doesn’t want to save money and use all of the cool features that come along with VoIP?

While it can be hard to consider the fact that it seems as if it’s time to hang up the landline for good, there’s nothing better than the realization that technology is really improving and we definitely like where it’s going.