Your Questions Answered:

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, refers to voice communications that make use of a business’s internet connection rather than what most of us think of as “traditional” copper land lines. VoIP provides a broader range of access to service providers than copper land lines do. This means more service providers, more competitive pricing, and more access to features for end users.
The answer to this question can vary from provider to provider. In regard to Low Latency, we do not use a la carte pricing. All features are available to all users for a single, competitive price. Out of the box, all of the normal features you would expect to see are available, however there are a set of advanced features that many voice providers do not offer:

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Conference Calling
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Call Recording
  • Time Based Call Routing
  • Online User Interface

There are many more features too numerous to list here. We are communications engineers. By designing a custom voice solution for your business, Low Latency provides a level of functionality and efficiency that directly correlates to improved productivity for your business.

Regarding price specifically, our pricing starts at $200 per month for up to 5 phones. Each additional phone is added at a fraction of that cost. However, to provide an accurate quote we would prefer you to call us for a custom quote that accurately meets your communications needs.

Low Latency’s only term is 3 years. If the service is unable to meet your expectations, or there is a technical problem caused by the service or a limitation that we cannot accommodate you may be eligible for release from your commitment. Low Latency’s reputation is as important to us, as the reputation of your business is to you. Because of that, our engineers will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your satisfaction with the service.
Yes you can! Because VoIP does not restrict a service provider to a single geographic location, number portability is simple, painless, and very accessible in many service markets.
Low Latency can support your business faxing needs in many different ways. You are free to keep your existing fax machine, with the same level of reliability you currently enjoy, however if you wish we can also implement an entirely virtual faxing solution for you. No more stacks of paper cluttering up work areas. Now faxes will be sent directly to the recipient’s email, view on their PC or smart phone, and stored indefinitely on the platform.
The process can move as quickly as you need it to. With only approximately two weeks of lead time required to schedule most number ports, Low Latency can have your new voice system ready to implement on very short notice.
Low Latency’s phones support most standard inline audio headsets. However in support of voice deployment, we specify, install, and maintain specialized network equipment. Low Latency provides a turn key voice solution, and to provide the level of quality that we hold ourselves accountable to, we use only networking equipment with specialized voice functionality. We also provide 24-7 network monitoring, so in the event of a service outage our technical staff is notified even when you are enjoying leisure time away from the office.
We do support both remote locations and mobile applications. In fact many features of our service were designed with a mobile work force in mind. Users have the ability to receive calls on their mobile phone, even if their office number was originally dialed. You may also receive voicemail via email, so that you can enjoy your personal time without being completely disconnected from responsibility.
In the event of an internet outage, Low Latency has several built in continuity features to prevent calls from going completely unanswered. We can send calls to voicemail boxes setup with voicemail to email, or we can also have calls autonomously route to an answering service, or another phone number such as a mobile phone or other office location to provide redundancy. Additionally as communications experts our engineers are highly experienced in dealing with internet service providers and are happy to help troubleshoot internet service issues even though we are not the actual service provider. We will often interface with the provider on your behalf to try and expedite resolution.
Low Latency provides all technical support. As we are also the developers of the technology, we provide not only tier one end user support, but tier two and tier three technical support. Our customer support reputation is Best in Class because of our “One Contact Resolution” philosophy.